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At 57Digital (we make Minecraft: Skin Studio!) we take the security and privacy of our user data very seriously. Here is a comprehensive overview of our security measures and privacy policy.

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Crypto & NFT ("Non-fungible token") Policy
You are not permitted under any circumstances to use any of our applications to download, modify, or produce NFT assets.

Where do you store my data and how is it protected?
  • All user data is hosted on a MongoDB server hosted by our partner mLab (see their EU Data Protection article). mLab provide a suite of tools as well as physical and virtual safeguards, including: database authentication, SSL, encryption, two-factor authentication. mLab host our database on Amazon AWS which provide industry standard security features in the US East (North Virginia) data centre.
  • All 57Digital employees are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.
  • TLS is used to secure all data in transit. Find out more about TLS here.
  • Our API and web services are hosted on Heroku which provide hosting services to run our platform. These services are protected with two-factor authentication and utilise TLS/SSL for each requests. We host our services in the US region (which utilises Amazon AWS North Virginia data centre).
  • In order to prevent abuse in our community, we reserve the right to store the IP Address and Device Identifier you are using to access our service. This helps us guard off toxic behavior within our community.
  • We also store skin image files (PNG) on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). These are stored temporarily for 24 hours to allow you to upload your skin to After 24 hours, the files are automatically deleted using an S3 bucket lifecycle policy.
  • We use Google Analytics and Fabric (Crashlytics) for general app analytics (we do not use personally identifiable information).
  • We use a combination of Facebook Notifications and OneSignal to provide Push Notification services. You can opt-out of receiving push notifications in the Settings app within iOS.
  • Our team is distributed geographically and we use Slack to communicate internally. Sometimes we may discuss certain customers from time-to-time (for instance, for support reasons or to fix a bug) and data in regard to those customers will be shared. Slack store their data in USA data centres and have certified with EU-US Privacy Shield:
  • We use UserVoice to provide customer support. UserVoice may store information such as your e-mail address for the purposes of providing support. If you do not consent to storing this information, you can reach us on Social Media instead. UserVoice are certified with EU-US Privacy Shield:
  • All other services and sub-processors that we use are detailed in our privacy policy.
Who owns the data?
  • By using our service, 57Digital owns any Minecraft Skin's uploaded to our system and the reserve the right to use the skins for any purpose.
  • We will not share your data with third parties, unless we obtain your express permission or are required by law.
  • Given the nature of mobile apps, our apps to not use Cookies. Our websites may use cookies but they do not provide us with any personally identifiable information.
  • If our websites use cookies, you can change or block cookies in your browser settings. Cookies do not harm your computer or impact your online security.
What data do you store and collect?
  • You can access most of Minecraft: Skin Studio without creating an account, for instance, you can download a community Skin creation without an account. However, some of our community features (such as sharing a skin, rating, or posting a comment) require a free Minecraft: Skin Studio account.
  • You can access your account with a username and password. Prior to March 2018 we used an e-mail and password combination, however, in an effort to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations we have adapted our login process to make use of pseudonymization as much as possible so that we hold as little personally identifable information as possible in our database. If you owned a Minecraft: Skin Studio account prior to May 2018, you will have received an e-mail with a randomly assigned username which you can use to login to the app. On May 23 2018, unless you opt-in to keep your details on file, we will delete all e-mail addresses and any associated personal data that (for instance; device information, Facebook Login information (if applicable)). Here is a list of data we hold to create an account in our system:-
    • Username (randomly assigned, or customised)
    • Display Name (an alias that you pick, this is what other users will see, we encourage you to use an alias and never a real name)
    • Password (cryptographically hashed)
    • Recovery E-mail Address (by default we do not capture this information, providing this is optional but if you are under 16 we will ask for the consent from a parent to store this information [see below bullet])
    • Language (in order to provide translations)
    • Device Platform (to determine if you are using iOS and Android)
    • Device Identifier (a UUID string provided by Apple, which is unique to our app and can not be used to track you)
    • Avatar (a 8 pixel by 8 pixel image of a pixelated Minecraft face, we do not host or store photographs for avatars)
    • User ID / Token (we assign a token to your account for us associate it with content you submit)
    • Sign Up Date (we record the date and time you signed up)
  • From May 2018, if you are under the age of 16 and attempt to supply us with personal information (such as your e-mail address for account recovery purposes) we will ask for parental consent (Art. 8 GDPR). If personal information is supplied to us for an unverified account (i.e. one that has not yet obtained parental consent) and we have not obtained consent within 24 hours, the personal information is automatically deleted.
  • From May 2018, we are retiring Facebook Login support in Minecraft: Skin Studio. If you have previously used Facebook to login to our app (and we have your e-mail address or if you are currently using the app); you will be supplied with a random username and password instead. If we have previously stored any profile information about you this will be permanently deleted from our database as we do not use (nor have we ever used) this data and are making a concious effort to use as much pseudonymization as possible to provide a secure experience to protect our users.
  • The platform we use to host our platform will also collect anonymised device information (such as platform, make, model) and will request a unique token from Apple / Google for the purposes of delivering push notifications.
  • All other data we store is related to Skins and Comments. If you post a skin to the community, rate a skin, favorite a skin or write a comment, it will be assosicated with your User ID. No other personal information is collected and stored against these objects. We also keep an activity log of actions you have made against a skin, for instance, if you have downloaded a skin we will keep track of the ID of the skin and your User ID. We use this data to rank popular skins and to decide which skins are popular candiates for featuring.

Full Privacy Policy